muzical07: (muz)
2011-12-28 05:04 pm

Am experimenting...

 I'm trying out dreamwidth, even though I'm partial to LJ.  If nothing else, I can post here when LJ is having issues.  I have it set up to cross-post, so we'll see! :)

We had Christmas part 2 this morning and opened our gifts from us and the in-laws.  From both Christmases, I got:

Keurig coffeemaker with a tray for the K-cups
Money for an iPod touch (or a kindle, still up for discussion)
Battery-operated fish
The Burrow (HP Legos)
Harry Potter Cookbook
Hufflepuff cup
Horcrux Ring
3D puzzle
2 scarves
Penguin earrings
2 cast iron skillets with cookie and brownie mix
Undeseriable #1 picture with frame (HP)
Fancy PJs

Aaron LOVES his mandolin I bought.  He's actually playing it right now, and doing a pretty nice job :)  We do stockings at night, so we'll open those later.  

I can't believe Christmas is over, and that I have to go back to work on Monday.  A couple of weather sites are calling for snow/ice on Tuesday.  I don't want to get too excited, but I am hoping!